San Diego Comic-Con 2022: Tron & Yori

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Replica Prop Costume Updates

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July 21, 2022

We made the Thursday SDCC Newsletter!
We made the Thursday SDCC Newsletter!

San Diego Comic-Con Newsletter

July 17, 2022

Upgraded Flynn's identity disc with airbrushed rings to replace the paper cut-out from 2017.

July 16, 2022

Due to circumstances beyond our control, unfortunately our Yori & Tron replica prop costumes will not be ready in time for next week's San Diego Comic-Con. I will be attending in my earlier Kevin Flynn replica prop costume, however. We will resume work on the Yori & Tron costumes upon our return from Comic-Con. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these photos for Yori & Tron thus far:

Tron Silk Screens

Six screens coated and drying! Tron's chest transparency test fit. Finished Tron chest screen! Tron back graphic exposing to sunlight for 60 seconds! Finished Tron back graphic.

Yori's Leg Warmers

Pleated bull denim fabric with separating invisible zipper. Batting is inserted into each pleat. Sewn closed along the edges. Sewing one of two hems. Hem detail. Finished Yori leg warmer! Compares well to the original!

Tron's Gauntlets

1/2" closed cell polyethylene. Cutting perfect edge for bonding. Double edged razor blade broken in half does the job! Beads of superglue work very well on this foam. Bonded. Making a bevel for inner elbow bend clearance. One done and scraps. Test fit. Mock-up with graphics.

Tron's Boots

These Johnnie-O Chelsea boots are a good base. Boot shafts cut from pleather. Shaft sewn and test fit. Fits well onto the boot. Superglue bonds the shaft to the boot instantly.

Tron & Yori Unitard Construction

8 yards of cotton/lycra blend fabric. Panels cut and sewing together. Trimming off seam allowance. Seam detail looks good with zigzag stitch. Pinning invisible zipper. Invisible zipper looks great! Finished unitard.

July 6, 2022

Tron's arm gauntlets are underway! Made with 1/2" closed cell polyethylene from The Foam Factory (1/3 sheet, $18), and cut to shape using my gauntlet template here.


July 2, 2022

Tron's arm gauntlet graphics are complete. Each section is a variation on a core set of shapes, as you can see. Inkscape masters here.


July 1, 2022

Here is Tron's chest graphic, rendered in Inkscape/SVG! This has been a goal for years, and I'm so glad to get it done! Looking forward to screen printing this onto my costume very soon!


June 28, 2022

Yori's leg warmers are a fun prop to reproduce! Here is the first one, using 9 oz. bull denim and 80/20 cotton/poly batting. Very much like the originals.


June 23, 2022

Yori's cap graphics are complete! The skull cap construction is 4-panel and is symmetric, so there are essentially two panel graphics. Approximate cut lines shown in green.


June 22, 2022

Created Yori belt graphic!


June 14, 2022

Created Yori arm gauntlet graphic!


June 11, 2022

Created Yori shoulder graphic!


June 7, 2022

Remastered raster-based Yori torso back graphic as SVG in Inkscape!

Yori's back torso in Inkscape/SVG!
Yori's back torso in Inkscape/SVG!

June 5, 2022

Using Inkscape, I remastered my original raster-based Yori front torso graphic as Scalable Vector Graphics!

Clockwise: SVG graphic; Yori; screen-worn costume; Dawn modeling prototype.
Clockwise: SVG graphic; Yori; screen-worn costume; Dawn modeling prototype.

A special thank you to TRON fan & collector Martin Fisher for providing reference stills I used in re-creating many of the costumes' graphics!