The "tube" is actually joined at 2 seams that are about 90 degrees apart around the tube. Lower seam is seen here. This shows the upper seam. Upper seam in right foreground, lower seam in left distance. Taped and rough cut. Random objects to hold down the foam.  This is what the template looks like.  Weird, but correct. I superglued the seams.  Holds very well. Second round of shaping cuts using a razor blade. Cutting with half a razor blade for the sharp curves. The final cut.  (I actually tweaked it some from here out, but this is basically it). You can see the final shape compares to the original very well. Lots of cuts and scraps. Here it is complete base-painted; 3 coats primer, 3 coats flat white enamel.  Used Jacquard fabric paint for the black edges. Cutting vinyl decals printed on my ink jet.  Note the off-white background to color-match the surrounding paint. Final cut of the hand guard graphic. Final cut of the hand and elbow graphics. Cutting away a sliver of backing to get started makes alignment easy... ...then work off the backing by sliding your thumb back and forth as you move forward. Blends in very well. Same for hand graphic. Looks great. Time to airbrush the 3 long lines. Two horizontals first. Then the diagonal. Lunch time. Sticking the central panel graphic onto a foam craft sheet on a curve. The bias curvature will help it fit better. Finished gauntlet, with central panel superglued in. Only solutions! For the Users!