TRON in Virtual Reality

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I wanted to update you on my plans for TRON virtual reality. As you know, I've been loving and learning how to develop TRON VR in Meta Horizon Worlds. I've been at it since October 2022, so over a year now!

My world, "TRON: The I/O Tower", is about as complete as I can get it within the constraints of Horizon Worlds. I've been looking into other options for continuing VR development, and while Horizon Worlds is great for getting started quickly, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of user experience, and creator ownership of the world itself. In my quest to find the best TRON VR for Quest, I'm excited to announce I'll be working in VRChat and Banter in the weeks and months ahead!

VRChat and Banter promise me full control over my creations, as well as larger user bases. For these reasons and more, I'll be focusing further development primarily in those spaces. That being said, I really love what we've done in Horizon Worlds, and I will continue to make tweaks there as I can and as Meta allows for more options.