TRON in Horizon Worlds

Enjoy TRON in Horizon Worlds for Meta Quest! Search, visit and like "TRON: The I/O Tower" in Horizon Worlds (world info link at Meta).

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February 17, 2024: Caution: DO NOT ENTER! ⇩

February 15, 2024: New programs, new adventures! ⇩

February 13, 2024: Short video of TronDelta making his way through the detention block onto higher ground. ⇩

February 10, 2024: Excellent fun in today's "TRON: The I/O Tower"! Gridbugs landed our digital butts in the grid brig! Short vid below, long version here. ⇩

February 8, 2024: Another great meet-up in VR! This is us trying to derez the recognizer! ⇩

February 6, 2024: TronDelta, TrendMasterG and I (ddprogram) had a blast at tonight's meet-up! Enjoy this short video of our gameplay! ⇩

January 31, 2024: Added character audio of Yori, Dumont, and that pushy memory guard! Enjoy this walk-thru via Horizon World's new drone cam. ⇩

October 23, 2023: I created a whole new entry experience to replace the bland "ENTER" word with an entire scanning laser control room! Whatever you do, DO NOT ENTER the laser beam area! ⇩


October 16, 2023: In celebration of Disney's 100th birthday today, enjoy this 11-minute play-thru as I discuss the latest progress on "TRON: The I/O Tower" in Meta Horizon Worlds. ⇩

October 4, 2023: I'm learning a lot about capacity optimization in Horizon Worlds. Recently I've been able to add more lighting effects and geometry to the program detention cell area. Also I've improved the gridbug battle interaction. I hope you like! ⇩


September 15, 2023: Surprise development from Meta: Horizon Worlds finally has legs! Also this pic I took while in build mode reminds me of TRON itself. ⇩

Build mode in Horizon Worlds - looks like actual programs inside the computer!
Build mode in Horizon Worlds - looks like actual programs inside the computer!

September 13, 2023: Several updates, including improved detention cell interaction, gridbug scoring, lighting effects, and recognizer motion. ⇩

August 13, 2023: Greetings programs! Haven't posted for a while, but I've been hard at work improving "TRON: The I/O Tower" in Horizon Worlds. The entry port, detention cells, and tower vista are true to the film. Improved gridbug mechanics and disc battle action - now with a "Gridbugs Derezzed" scoreboard! ⇩

longer 6-minute video

June 2, 2023: Did some testing today with fellow Horizon Worlds developer & tester Mamabre30! We found a bug where hitting your opponent with your identity disc gives THEM the point! Is that a bug or a feature?! 🤣


May 25, 2023: Added entry port area! Check out how it compares to the actual scene when Flynn enters the system! ⇩

April 30, 2023: Added first draft of program detention cell and transport arrival area.

April 16, 2023: Imported real recognizer and disc action sounds! Improved skyline by adding other I/O tower beams in the distance. Added onboarding instructions for throwing identity disc. ⇩

April 16 update has actual recognizer and disc sounds, distant I/O tower beams
April 16 update has actual recognizer and disc sounds, distant I/O tower beams

March 18, 2023: If you lose your identity disc 🥏, you will be subject to immediate deresolution! ⇩

February 26, 2023: Enjoy this walk-through of "TRON: The I/O Tower" in Meta Horizon Worlds! As of February 26, the gridbugs are interactive (and harmless). You can pick them up, throw them around, and they bounce right back! Also, I completed the recognizer and fine-tuned its proportions. ⇩

February 22, 2023: Finished recognizer cockpit! Added 10 gridbugs! ⇩

February 16, 2023: Much-improved gridbug interaction! Gridbug now derezzes and rerezzes with effects, comes up through the ground as in the film! Improved horizon effect and blue-to-black sky gradient more like the film. ⇩

January 28, 2023: Gridbugs! ⇩

January 25, 2023: Added custom horizon and sea of simulation effects. Completed maze beacon lights. Can now jump on maze top all the way around tower to the tower-top jump pad (when you fall, tap wall to jump back up). Improved recognizer path. ⇩

December 5-19, 2022: Smoother animation, added ambient music, improved recognizer, improved maze. Tower beam now alternates blue and red, added recognizer cockpit pinstriping, added teleport from ground to tower midsection. Added digital clouds like in the film's port entry scene! ⇩

November 28, 2022: First preview! ⇩