The rear torso, 1 of 5. Rear torso, 1 of 5 inked. Rear torso, 1 of 5 done. Rear torso, 2 of 5. Rear torso, 3 of 5. Rear torso, 4 of 5, silk screen pinned. Rear torso, 4 of 5, inked. Rear torso, 4 of 5 done. Rear torso, 5 of 5, silk screen pinned. With the rear torso complete, onto the arm and leg lines. Arm and leg screens exposed and soaking. Arm and leg silk screens hardening in the sun. Left is rear legs; center is front legs; right is arm front, arm back, and collar. Tedious process to ink the lines; not much margin on screens for error. Cutting the squeegee into a narrow piece helps get just the lines inked. The rear is completely done here. The ink must be heat-set with an iron to be washable. Time for the front torso. Front torso complete. Arm, 1 of 2 placements; screen is shorter than lines are. Arm, 2 of 2 placements; this gets the middle line length correct. Front of arm complete. Front of leg. From here, I use the 3 lines of the stencil to do the rest of the leg, by pinning the screen a few more times and inking only the 3 lines. Front of unitard complete! Time for the collar; right side then left side. Front of collar complete. Rear of collar complete. Velcro for the left shoulder of the tunic, to prevent it from sliding down.  Also, snap riveted through shoulder seam to retain shoulder cup of arm pads. Right shoulder snap for arm pad. Velcro is sewn in to receive the foam magnet block for the identity disc.