Harrison Ellenshaw, Part 3

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Harrison Ellenshaw, Part 3 (download)
TRON concept art by Peter Lloyd
TRON concept art by Peter Lloyd

Greetings and welcome to The I/O Tower: a podcast for all things TRON. I'm your host, David Fleming. This is Part 3 in my three-part series with TRON associate producer and co-visual effects supervisor Harrison Ellenshaw.

Harrison reflects on conceptual artists Syd Mead, Jean "Moebius" Giraud, and Peter Lloyd, and how their combined talent and vision for TRON was both intimidating and exciting.

He describes the casting process, and the challenge of conveying the story of TRON to auditioning actors—a challenge not all would overcome.

Harrison details many scenes, such as Jeff Bridges' improvised "big door", Flynn's Arcade, Dillinger's helicopter, and Wendy Carlos' iconic soundtrack. And Harrison was crushed that Yori's "love scene" was left out.

We close the interview with funny voices on the set of TRON, and Harrison's film about making a film—"Stardumb (Dead Silence)".