TRON (1982) Cosplay — Kevin Flynn's Belt

July 1, 2017

One random day long into working on this costume, I stumbled on an auction site featuring one of the original belts used by the video warriors in the film. Near as I can tell, the belt is the same for Flynn, Tron, Ram, etc.

Below are four pictures of this original belt. My apologies for not noting the URL of the auction site at the time; now I can't seem to find it. :-(

An original belt from an auction website. It is screen printed on 3" wide heavy canvas. Note the use of hook & eye fasteners.  The belt "buckles" on the left side. The ruler being with the belt really helps in reproducing it.

Since I had never screen printed anything before, I decided to do a test print on a mock-up I made of 3" elastic webbing. The test went well. Below are three photos of the screen I made ( and the belt's printed center region.

Exposing a sample stencil piece for testing. A full screen of the belt's front (top of screen) and back (bottom). Here it is test-screened onto 3" wide elastic webbing.

July 2, 2017

For the final belt, instead of canvas I am using 3" double-sided twill elastic webbing, which has a quality canvas-like "grain" to it and will fit my waste as I grow ... older. ;-) Here is the belt with screen printing complete. After it dries, I will heat-set it with an iron and then cut to length and attach the hook & eye fasteners.

Front portion (top edge of belt toward bottom of photo).  Screens are 8.5" x 11". Two rectangles each side of front/center. Rear of belt has 3 rectangles. Using a brush to ink the edges where the silk screen didn't reach. The belt from left to right (foreground to background).

July 3, 2017

My Kevin Flynn belt is complete. I used no-sew hook & eye fasteners and fabric tape to secure the ends. I am very pleased with the final result, as it compares well with the original.

Hooks attached earlier.  Placed the eyes in for marking their locations on the belt. One of the hooks pushed through. Both hooks bent and secured, and fabric tape going on. The entire fold is fabric taped... ...and folded and pressed tightly. This shows the back of the belt and the fasteners. The entire belt. Belt's front.

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