TRON (1982) Cosplay — Kevin Flynn's Boots

July 6, 2017

The boots are hard to figure out. In a way, they are simple. White knee-high boots with a slight wedge sole; sort of like a riding boot. But without a heel, which makes them less simple. And white, which makes them unlike riding boots which are usually black.

Tron's boots.  Kevin Flynn's boots have slightly different line art.
Tron's boots. Kevin Flynn's boots have slightly different line art.

I have spent countless hours researching these boots, and haven't come up with much in the way of hard facts. What I can tell you so far is that they were likely custom made for TRON at Willie's Shoe Service in Los Angeles.

Here's what I went with: a pair of white leather Calvin Klein Innes men's slip-on high tops, for which I am making faux leather boot shafts. Here is the first round of pics:

July 19, 2017

Did I mention I have never sewn before? So hey, why not start with boot shafts? I am very pleased with the final result of my Kevin Flynn boots. While not an exact match in terms of seams and materials, they are a very good compromise. The line art is true to the original boots. I placed a zipper on the back of each shaft, centered, since my boot shaft is a 2-panel construction. I believe the original boot shaft is a 3-panel construction, with the zipper along one of the black lines just off of rear-center - and made of real leather of course. The original soles are actual boot soles, whereas mine are flat shoe soles.

This is 1 of 4 pull tabs sewn onto the boot shaft. Front of a boot shaft, sewn zig-zag on front seam and showing pull tabs and tiered cut of top rim. Side view of a boot shaft, no rear zipper yet. Boot shafts with zippers sewn in. I sewed a faux seam around the bottom rim of the boot shaft, but used super glue to adhere the shafts to the shoes; taped for glue line marking. I used a negative vinyl mask to paint in the boots' chevrons.  Painted with brush and Jacquard fabric paint. As with the original boots, black lines follow the seams of the boot shafts around the front and sides. The original boots have no toe caps, but these Calvin Klein shoes do. The original boots each have a zipper along one of the black lines, I believe; with a 3-panel shaft, not 2 panels as I did.  I simply placed my zipper in the back, centered.

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