TRON (1982) Cosplay — Kevin Flynn's Gloves

July 1, 2017

The gloves are arguably the easiest part of the costume to reproduce - er, to simply buy. That being said, it was actually not trivial to find gloves that closely matched those used in the film. Try a Google search for "men's white spandex gloves" and good luck finding much of anything plain or simple here in the states.

After a trial order of gloves that turned out to be too shiny and small, what worked for me was actually a pair of glove liners - Thermasilk men's large. They fit snugly and breathe well so they won't be too hot. Here are a few screenshots showing Flynn's gloves as worn by Jeff Bridges, as well as a couple of photos of the ones that I bought.

Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, donning the plain white gloves. You can see the thumb seam quite well. The fingers fit snugly and the fabric is thin. These Thermasilk glove liners are silk, and fit and breathe well. Shown with all tagging removed.

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