TRON (1982) Cosplay — Kevin Flynn's Identity Disc

July 9, 2017

Kevin Flynn's identity disc
Kevin Flynn's identity disc

There isn't really "one" identity disc for any of the video warriors. There are the ones based on actual frisbees that they hold in their hands and throw around, and there are the foam ones that are attached to their backs with Velcro. I'm basing mine on the actual frisbee, and I'm using magnets so I can attach and detach it at will for a nice effect.

The frisbee - er, identity disc - appears smaller than normal, and according to this auction site, is a 9.25" diameter disc. So I got a vintage 1980s disc off eBay and went to work. Here it is so far:

Fitting that it came from San Diego.  It shall return there July 19.  ;-) This is a 9.25" diameter disc. Sanded and ready for primer. 1.26" neodymium N52 magnet.  Its mate will be on the back of the unitard.

July 19, 2017

I painted the disc with flat white enamel after priming. The central rings are printed onto a vinyl inkjet decal, and the outer ring is hand-painted. I am especially proud of the very trick magnet retention gizmo.

Pattern: Identity Disc Rings

Vinyl decal for central rings portion, hand-painted outer ring. Neodymium N52 magnet superglued in center. Foam block with another neodymium N52 magnet embedded into a slot. Velcro on backside of block to adhere to Velcro on unitard.  Simply slide the disc off and the magnets let go.  Remove Velcro block to unzip unitard.

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