TRON (1982) Cosplay — Kevin Flynn's Tunic

July 19, 2017

The tunic is a one-shouldered design that covers the front below the waste, but ends at the belt in the rear. It is made of some sort of waffle weave fabric - a special thanks Aaron Farmer for the tip on the fabric! Check out Aaron's Kevin Flynn costume build. Here are the pictures I went by:

Good shot of the waffle weave of the tunic's fabric. The rear of the tunic ends at the belt. Shows the seam under the arm and down the side.

The fabric I chose was accidentally a bit lighter weight than that used in the film, so I doubled the fabric up. True to the film, I sewed in Velcro at the neck edge of the shoulder to mate up with Velcro sewn onto the unitard. This prevents the tunic from sliding down. I also sewed a Velcro seam on the right side so the tunic could be put on and taken off easier. I had never sewn until I did the boot shafts, and now this tunic. I was, well, happy enough with the quality of the job I did. Here are a few pics of my tunic:

Front of tunic.  Note the Velcro seam at left of picture (right of tunic as worn). Rear of tunic, showing bottom edge ending where belt wraps around. Velcro sewn into the neck/shoulder to prevent slippage.

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