TRON (1982) Cosplay — Kevin Flynn's Left Wrist Cuff

July 19, 2017

Kevin Flynn's left wrist cuff has a very detailed graphic, and upon careful observation, I determined that it fastens on the bottom. Here are the screenshots I went by for digitizing the graphic and cutting the cuff to shape:

This shows the thickness of the cuff. Shows the graphic and shape. Aha!  This is where it fastens.

I used 2 sheets of thin craft foam, wrapped around an aerosol paint can and superglued. This creates a bias curvature to the cuff. I then cut the cuff to shape and riveted in the snaps. Next, I painted it with flat white enamel, and adhered an inkjet printed vinyl of the graphic. The paint is necessary, as the vinyl won't stick to the foam, but will stick permanently to the paint. Here are the pictures of this detailed build process:

Two foam sheets, interleaved and glued up close to the overlappings. Laying down beads of superglue and rolling to dry. At this stage, the two sheets are bonded except for at the overlappings. I will place the two snap components in between the layers. Test-fitting a paper printout of the graphic. Cardboard cutting template. Cut to final shape. Male snap riveted in. Female snap riveted in. Final superglue to conceal the snaps. Vinyl graphic applied, and edge hand-painted with Jacquard fabric paint.

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